Storage containers, should I buy or rent?

In recent years storage containers have become a very popular solution for mobile storage.  They are extremely well put together, durable, and most importantly dry.  Consider the reason they were manufactured in the first place.  They are intended to ship goods all over the planet on cargo ships.  As you can imagine the environment out at sea can be a nasty one and anything carrying cargo needs to be up to dealing with the weather.  It was reported in 2010 that there were 530 million shipping containers throughout the world.  That’s a huge number. If containers weren’t reliable the number would be much lower.

So, you’ve decided this is the solution for you.  The next question is whether or not I’d like to purchase a container or rent it.  It really comes down to a couple of different factors.  One is preference and the second is financial.  Some folks just want to buy the container so they have it in their possession and don’t need to make payments.  Many folks like the opposite and when they are done with it someone can come and pick it up. 

If your decision is financial the general rule of thumb is if you’re going to need the container longer than thirty six months it makes sense to purchase.  The cost of rental over that span of time typically equals what it would cost to purchase upfront.  If you know you only need it while transitioning between homes or say on a jobsite, why purchase the container outright?  Why not just rent if for a few months.  Makes good sense. 

Everyone likes to do things their way though so you have options.

Have a great day everyone!

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