What are the different types Storage Containers

What are the different types of Storage Containers??

A question that I often get asked when a customer calls is whether or not the containers are watertight. Everything that we sell, unless otherwise specified, is minimally wind and watertight. For storage solutions you must have that level of protection or you risk damage to your belongings. There are however other classifications of storage containers that are available and they are all defined below…

Wind & Watertight Container The container will be wind & watertight as advertised. They likely will have some surface rust, dings and dents but be in fine condition for storage. They will still have their original shipping line decals and will be in a variety of colors. Wind & watertight containers are perfect for customers who have little concern over appearance and simply need a dry storage solution.

Cargo-worthy Container Cargo worthy containers have similar characteristics to the W&WT containers, but still have the structural integrity to be used for short-term international marine use. The container will require an official survey prior to any maritime use by a certified inspector. It is important to note that cargo-worthy containers may still have surface rust and dents.

New Container (one trip or one way) Like New or “One Trip Containers” are generally within a few years of their date of manufacture and are in excellent condition inside and out. We can never guarantee no imperfections, but this is as close as you can get. While some one trip containers have only taken one trip across an ocean, the term “one tripper” is more of a reference to being one or two years old. When appearance or repurposing the container for a build of some sort is important this is the container type to go with.

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